Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 ~Yoshirou Heikishishou~

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PostSubject: ~Yoshirou Heikishishou~   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:41 pm

Name: Yoshirou Heikishishou

Meaning: Righteous Son Weapons Master

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: ANBU

Village: Konohagakure

Personality: Usually jovial, laid back,and fairly even-tempered. He is a free spirit. Yoshirou does not tolerate injustice, or the endagerment of Konoha and it's inhabitants; it is one of the only things that will anger him. He has devoted his life to the ninja arts to protect the weak. Loves helping people and often places their well-being over his own. He will not allow the weak to suffer, and he despises evil and corruption. Has a deep sense of loyalty toward Konohagakure and his comrades. He will not hesitate to trade his life for that of his comrades, or for the village. On a lighter note he loves to sleep and takes naps whenever he can, but does not let it interfere with his training. He yawns often. In spite of this Yoshirou is an extremely hard working individual when he is awake. Yoshirou also has devoted himself to his clan's philosophy of "omoi karada reikon"; thus he is constantly training his mind, body, and ninja skills. (This probably is why he is sleepy so often). Yoshirou is also a fairly skilled sword maker and forged his own sword Hayai Seidai. Yoshirou also practices Falconry, and spends time with the messager birds of the village. He also Loves barbeque, but doesn't care for ramen. Yoshirou has also developed into a little bit of a flirt as he has aged; often flirting with female comrades. As Yoshirou has gotten older he has become more and more obsessed with fighting, and it seems as if he is slowly being devoured by this desire...often loosing himself in the battle...forgetting everything except defeating his opponent. He does not mind killing any longer. When Yoshirou goes to bed at night he is almost always haunted by nightmares (always the same one as my RP sample), so he suffers from insomnia. This is another reason why he takes so many naps.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200lbs

Team mates: none (ANBU member)

Sensie: His grandfather Mitsurugi Heikishishou

Clan Name: Heikishishou (Weaponmaster)

Kekei Genkai: Kami Sumiyaka (god speed) - Through precise chakra control members of the Heikishishou clan can increase blood flow throughout their body and move at speeds that normal shinobi cannot attain; about as fast as opening the first chakra gate. This increased blood flow also grants the user increased power and reaction time. Justu uses up a lot of chakra, and puts strain on the heart, so users have to careful about using it. This jutsu can shorten the user's life span. Every time the user pushes it passed their normal threshold it will take a year off of their life. Amount of time depends on the shinobi's chakra control and amount of chakra. Academy Students- 3 posts, Genin- 5 posts Chunnin- 7 posts, jounin- 9 posts kage level-11 posts

Clan Symbol:
The circles represent the three parts of the Heikishishou's training philosophy "omoi karada reikon"(Mind, Body, and Soul). Yellow is for mind, Red is for body, and blue is for soul. The mixed colors show the beginning of finding equilibrium, and the white shows mastery and spiritual purity.

Clan History: This clan has existed in secrecy almost as long as the art of ninjitsu has existed. The clan was founded by Tenrai Heikishishou. Tenrai was very skilled as a shinobi, blacksmith, and falconer. Tenrai crafted his sword Tenrai Seidai (Divine Justice) to take advantage of his wind element chakra. Heirs of the clan's main family are all shown how to forge their own Tenrai Seidai when they enter adulthood. Tenrai also discovered that he could use his chakra to increase blood flow throughout his body which greatly increased his physical attributes and reaction time. This was the creation of the clan's Kekkei Genkai called Kami Sumiyaka Jutsu. Tenrai died at a young age because he did not know that the Kekkei Genkai could put strain on the heart. He developed heart problems and died at age 40. There were very few people outside of the clan that even know of the clan's existence. Only the Hokage was granted the knowledge of the Heikishishou clan's existence. The Heikishishou serve directly under the Hokage and often become members of ANBU. The clan focuses heavily on weapon's training and the forging of weapons. The clan originally used katanas, but has since branched off into different weapons. Children begin training with practice weapons at a very young age. It is not unusual for a member of Heikishishou to have completely mastered one or more weapons by the time they graduate from the academy. Children also start forging weapons at a young age, and one of the requirements for adulthood in the clan is to craft your own weapon. Some members of the clan also practice falcony which is the art of training birds of prey. The clan has a contract scroll that has been passed down through the main branch of the clan. Members of the clan that sign the contract can summon various types of birds. The Heikishishou also have a philosophy called "omoi karada reikon" which means mind, body, soul. They believe in training the mind through studying, the body through exercise, and the soul through meditation, prayer, and developement of ninja skills. They believe that by doing these three things and finding an equilibrium between them that they will be able to achieve perfection in all that they do. Members of the Heikishishou also take great pride in their hair...many of the male members go their entire lives without cuttting their hair. Most wear their hair back in a ponytail, but some put their hair into a topnot. Most members also wear traditional samurai robes, but it is becoming less common throughout the clan. Yoshirou also happens to be the head of his clan now that his grandfather gave up the position in his old age, and he took the clan public soon after becoming the leader.

Bio/History: History/Child Arc: Yoshirou is the heir to the Heikishishou clan. He is a direct descendant of Tenrai Heikishishou, the founder of the clan. Yoshirou lost his parents at a young age. They were both shinobi and died on a mission for Konoha. The circumstances of their deaths is classified, and Yoshirou was never told exactly how they died. Yoshirou was raised from age 6 by his grandfather, who is also a shinobi, and the current leader of the Heikishishou clan. Outwardly Yoshirou took the loss of his parents well, but he was frequently tormented by nightmares of his parents' deaths.

Academy Arc: Yoshirou did well in the academy. he was an above average student, and he had high scores on most of his tests. Yoshirou also became a fairly gifted weapon user while in the academy due to his clan's tradition of beginning weapons training at a young age. The only thing he struggled with was genjutsu and had trouble passing genjutsu. Yoshirou was still haunted by his parent's deaths, but not quite as much as when he was younger. Yoshirou also was able to make people like him fairly quickly because of his jovial disposition and willingness to help others, but he had trouble allowing himself to get close to people because of the emotional scars from his past.

Genin Arc: When he graduated from the academy Yoshirou was shown how to craft a new Tenrai Seidai by his grandfather, but Yoshirou felt that he could not give the katana the name Tenrai because it was not his father that showed him how to craft the sword. This was against clan tradition, so Yoshirou decided to give the sword a different name, and to wield his father's sword to honor his father's memory. Yoshirou has never fully recovered from the loss of his parents and still has nightmares about them with increasing intensity albeit not as frequently. He wants justice for their deaths. This is why Yoshirou has promised himself to do all in his power to protect the weak. Yoshirou always had a natural affinity for swords, and had mastered the katana by the time he became a genin. Yoshirou's Kekei Genkai manifested itself at the age of thirteen when he was training with his Grandfather. His grandfather was purposely being harsh during the training to try to anger Yoshirou to bring out his true power.

Chunnin Arc: Soon after Yoshirou was promoted to chunnin his grandfather showed took him to a secret room below their home (well secret to those not of the Heikishishou). This room was the meeting place of the Heikishishou. Yoshirou had only been there a couple of times before. Yoshirou's grandfather took him to an alter with the clan's symbol on it and a large scroll on a stand. Yoshirou was told that this was an acient summoning scroll that had been passed down through the clan. Those who make a contract with it can summon birds. Yoshirou made a contract with it and met his main summoning named Ginwashi (Silver Eagle). He also learned how to use Earth style jutsu as a Chunnin. Yoshirou performed very well on his missions, and after a couple of years he was promoted to Jounin by the Hokage.

Jounin Arc: On the day that Yoshirou was promoted to Jounin his grandfather vacated his position as the leader of the Heikishishou to pass it on to Yoshirou. Some of the members of the clan did not appreciate this because of Yoshirou's age. He was challenged by his older cousin Teguchi Heikishishou for the leadership of the clan. Teguchi and a small faction of the clan believed that he was better suited for the position than Yoshirou because he was older. (Teguchi is 26 years old) They faced off in the forest outside of Konohagakure, and Yoshriou defeated Teguchi after a tough battle. This silenced his opposition, and Yoshirou solidified his position as the head of the clan. His first act as the head of the clan was to ask the Hokage for permission to bring the clan's existence out into the public. The Hokage agreed, and Yoshirou made a public announcement of the clans excistence soon after. He didn't recieve much resistance for this because most of the clan was tired of hiding a clan that they should be proud of.

RP sample: Yoshirou awoke to birds chirping and sunlight shining down upon his face. He noticed something strange...he was outside...laying on the ground. Yoshirou sat up quickly and looked around. Yoshirou didn't know where we was…it looked like the forest outside of Konoha, but he couldn't see any of the familiar landmarks to find his bearings. It was just trees and more trees for as long as he could see. It was then that he noticed it. The blood on his hands. he couldn't remember being in a battle...In fact, the last thing he remembered was going to bed in his own home. He was even still in his pajamas...his blood soaked pajamas. Yoshirou then looked behind him and what he saw chilled him to the bone. It was his mother and father laying on the ground covered in their own blood. Yoshirou ran over to their bodies and held his parents sobbing...sobbing like he hadn't since he was a small child being held in his grandfather's arms after his parents' deaths.
"Mother! Father!...what is happening!!?? Why!? Why am I seeing this!?" Yoshirou screamed in a combination of anger, horror, and anguish.

"Yoshiiiirouuu," a deep malevolent voice emanated from behind him.

Yoshirou whipped around; tears still streaming from his eyes. Through the tears Yoshirou saw a large dark humanoid shape with glowing red eyes standing before him. Yoshirou had never been so frightened in his life. He was telling himself to get up and run; run as fast as he could; run far away, but his legs wouldn't listen. Yoshirou couldn't breathe. It was as if his lungs where being crushed. He felt as if his life was slowly being drained out of his body.

The humanoid began to speak again, "Yoshiiirouuu...your parents were just the beginning!"

Yoshirou tried to let out a scream as the humanoid pulled out a kunai and lunged toward him.

Yoshirou snapped awake screaming. He was safe in his was still dark outside. He began sobbing uncontrollably..."It was just a dream...a dream...a dream...Mother...Father...why am I being tormented so?" He thought that he had outgrown these nightmares; he hadn't had one in months, but this one was the most intense and horrifying of them all. It the first time that he actually saw his parents' bodies. It was always just them disappearing, running away from him, or something like that. Something was different...wrong even; this didn't feel like a normal dream. He began wondering about the circumstances of his parents' deaths, and who their murderer was. Yoshirou sat awake crying for most of the night, until he finally cried himself to sleep.


Yoshirou follows his clan's tradition of never cutting his long black hair. When in battle he has his hair in a ponytail. Yoshirou also has a scar on right eyebrow he recieved when he took the Chunnin exams. Yoshirou has deep green eyes with a brown ring just outside of the pupil. He is very muscular from constantly training his body, and is very large. Yoshriou has a habit of chewing on things like straw, or a long piece of grass. He either has his two katana's named Hayai Seidai & Tenrai Seidai at his waist; one on each side, or has Nihando (his Zweihander) in a scabbard on his back. He wears a pair of iron tekkou(battle gloves). He also has a red summoning scroll hanging from the back of his belt. Yoshioru's forehead protector is black, and hangs from his belt. He has his clan's symbol on wooden badge hanging from his belt. He occasionally wears a straw samurai traveling hat. Yoshirou's ANBU mask is unique in that it resembles an eagle and has swirling green lines on it

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for the org thing, that'll be your clan. other then that, approved
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~Yoshirou Heikishishou~
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