Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 Ame Tenshi Umi

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PostSubject: Ame Tenshi Umi   Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:02 pm

Name: Ame Tenshi Umi

Meaning: Rain Angel Sea

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Rank: Mizukage if possible

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Personality: She tends to have a cold exterior because of her past. If she trust you enough she tends to show you a little warmth, or shows her sense of humor , which is in sarcasm. Without the wall she creates , she is a warm person who used to show it when she was younger.

Height: 5'2

Weight: 129

Team mates: none

Sensei: Nami -Sensei


Bio/History: Ame was born on December 12, at midnight, during a full moon. She was the youngest of seven. The importance of her birth was that she was born during a full moon a few minutes after a lunar eclipse. She was to be one to control the water properly since during the full moon the ocean was angrier. When the massacre began her father along with all six of her brothers . She was the only female and the males were old enough to fight.
That night, they left in the shadows to fight in the northern borders of the family's property walls. Her Mother Lily was in labor and all the middle wives rushed to help the clan leader's beloved wife. She was in the most pain then all the other children since birth during a full moon was said to be bad luck. during her birth the males fought, the youngest son, Othello died first. He was killed electrocuted by a general. All the children died in the war the father only got to say he loved his wife to the sea as it dragged him away his body limp in the sea.

The family almost became almost extinct when the Huo (fire) clan and the lightning clan to cause a massacre. the reason for this massacre was because a heir was to be born, which was thought to be powerful, until they found the heir was a female. Only Ame the heir of the main house survived, only because the mother was spared since she was in labor with Ame. Her mother Lily raised her as her own and until the age of ten she learned she was the heir of the Umi family.

The general killed through out the house and then he found the main chambers. There was the child, she was asleep and so was the mother. He picked the child up and frowned as it saw it was a female. he let her go since she was a female and insignificant to them. Her mother was left to take care of the child , since it was the rule of war. The week later after mourning , her mother and her chamber maid walked towards the families city limits.
They found a small cottage in front of the river only a five minute walk from the Hidden Mist Village. There they raised Ame. She was a normal child, except that she was not aloud near the water from her mother. She resented the clan's past for ti brought her pain and made Mizu believe they were just normal citizens. At seven she was told who she was and she was taught the secret jutsus as well as the normal ninja techniques.

She went to ninja school at a young age and she was an exceptional student , she hated the attention hen she used her water techniques, so she used the normal techniques to pass the exams. She tried her hardest to pass for she wanted to have revenge for the honor of her family. At the age of eleven, she met her first sensei, Sensei Nami. Sensei Nami taught her the Umi nami jutsu. He taught her to be humble and to learn and appreciate her surroundings. he taught her never to show off her water techniques and to use normal jutsu which she did to pass the exams. Her caretaker died after the exam. Though her mother taught her the Umi's techniques, she did not approve of Mizu becoming a ninja for she was her last child. She told her to work on the tea shop as a lady should be.


During her Genin time, she was under the wing of Nami. He was perverted , but loved nature. He taught her how revenge was never the answer. She nodded and listened to him. She went against her mother and cut her hair and became a ninja. Her mother was very angry with her, but reluctantly supported her. Nami was like her father and he taught her every thing her knew. He once got a mission in which she could not go and her kissed her forehead good bye and told her he would return tomorrow at the same time. She nodded happily and waited there the whole night.. At the exact time he did return, but dead. She knew it was sabotage, but no one believe her. After this she was given all his belongings and she read all his scrolls. She refused to take missions and read to memorize all his justsus as a honor to Nami. Her mother was the only one to believe her that she was right. One night ,her mother went to pick tea leaves for the tea shop. She then did not return. Ame decided to take that case, she had no one left and she would rather die than wonder what was the fate of her mother. She found her mother's body and found out her step father had killed her. She was forced to keep a promise she made for herself and to become stronger when she is ready to take the Mizukage place.

Take over Mizukage

Then when she became jounin, she then decided she was ready. She challenged him to a battle to death. She fought him with all she could and by miracle , she found about her seal. the mark the thought was insignificant, saved her life. She got to stage three for the first time in her life and then she got so angry remembering what he did to her mother and it caused her to control his blood circulation making him suffocate in his own blood. She then took over as the Mizukage. Her hands were stained in her mind with his blood and she did not mind.

Looks: (look at avatar)
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Approved and if I'm your sensei, cool ^^
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Ame Tenshi Umi
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