Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 Train Heartnet

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PostSubject: Train Heartnet   Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:15 am

Name: Train Heartnet or Kuromeru Anbu Neko

Meaning: Kuromeru Anbu Neko = Black Dark Side Cat

Age: 19 1/2

Gender: male

Rank: Mist Ninja Anbu

Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Personality: Train is a hot head and a romancer, he is also slack and slightly shy around girls because he some times tends to kiss their cheek. He tries not to be impolite but sometimes swears at random without even knowing he does it till afterwards. Train is also rather funny, he can do short entertaining sessions for the people who need a laugh. Train may be an ex Akatsuki but not by choice, he was attacked and forced to fight back killing people around him to survive. Normally Train is sweet and gentle but when he draws from Suigin Tou’s power he sometimes can go a little blood drunk and get agro very easily. Train's style of fighting and getting a goal is Never retreat, Never surrender NEVER give up.

Height: 5’7 1/2

Weight: 163lbs

Team mates: None so far

Sensei: none

Org. Mist Ninja

Bio/Hisorty: Short round on Train was he was little when he was attacked by a group of ninja and was forced to kill them using his demon power that he was born with. He was forced to run away and hide from the law after finding out that he had killed members of an Anbu unit sent to kill him off as an assassination target. Train was picked up by a lady who worked inside the Akatsuki and eventually was able to communicate with demon inside of him and summon her into a material body lacking her powers. Train would always summon her as a companion eventually learning that she fell in love with him. Train knew that he loved her aswell but didn’t know how it would work between a demon like her and a human like him, he did tell her that he loved her and she told him the same.

Train left the Akatsuki and headed to Kirigakure to settle down and start a new life.


Regular wears: ((Minus the gun))

Ninja wears:

Anbu Mask: its a white base mask with slightly large ears the outer side of the ear is black to make it look like a shadow. Although the eye holes are slightly small they are red tipped eye lenses the top and bottom of each part has a red line to say they are very easy to see out of for Lawliet has worn this mask a long time. At the front of the mask there is a smile it has a slightly evil grin to it it's look is as it is visible a fox demon. At the nose ridge and just above the smile there is a black lining going all the way to the under eye's this mask can’t be copied for every aspect of it is unique in creation the mask is also found to be indestructible due to the metal that was used to reinforce to make it stronger the alloy used is known to be almost never found it’s called Sumizome Koutetsu (Dark Steel) it's rare durability makes whatever added to indestructible and impossible to copy.


Name: Suigin Tou

Age: unknown

Born or sealed: Born with it

Personality: Suigin Tou is a very shy and timid demon, she is more of a darkened angel then a pure demon, she is still extremely powerful and able to even exit Train’s body into a material form but lacking her demonic powers. Is in love with train and knows train loves her deeply.

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PostSubject: Re: Train Heartnet   Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:56 am

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Train Heartnet
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