Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 Munenori Yagyu

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PostSubject: Munenori Yagyu   Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:43 am

Name: Hitokiri Battousai

Meaning: Assassin Manslayer

Second name: Sansaku Aka Ekirei

Second Name Meaning: Walking Bloody Plague

Real Name: Munenori Yagyu

Age: 20

Gender: male

Rank: Missing Ninja

Village: None

Personality: Munenori is somewhat slightly insane after seeing his own little sisters death he keeps her with him at all times in a soul chain it is a necklace with a stone able to hold only 1 soul in it and he chose to hold hers so she could never be gone completely. Munenori is a calm and silent male but he is actually extremely romantic when he wants to be. In a fight situation Munenori can become rather violent but he will not kill unless he is made to kill example if a lover of his is in danger he will kill to make sure she is fully safe. Usually Munenori is a calm and happy fello he will tend to wear his casual clothes but only if he needs to will he wear them. Munenori is not one for killing he is a wandering ninja in search for Akane’s killer to seek and exact revenge on him for killing her in cold blood.

Clan: Yagyu

Kekkei Gekkei: Yagyu Oni Release Seal
Description: This allows Munenori to release his full inner demon known as The Black Oni he becomes a demonic spirit and is forced to kill any evil presence around the area until he passes out or is beaten so bad that he cannot continue on. The Black Oni is a monstrous creature that is hell-bent on destroying evil and evil presence it tends to last several days sometimes but after the use of the Kekkei Gekkei Munenori remembers nothing of what he has done while in that state.
Special Effect: The effects of this ability are severe Munenori looses all memory of what he did 1 hour before and during his state he also has very tired muscles after using this ability it is something that only Munenori can do Munenori also has Jubei’s Demon eye it is a very rare it is a genetic ability Jubei was born with it is an eye of a demon that allows Munenori to see objects that are not visible by other people for instance the spirit of a dead person or even a lost soul of an animal, demonic spirit, human, or even a secret message inscribed on a wall, roof or even around an entire room.

Special Characteristics: Has what is called the Demon Eye it was replaced with his right eye from Jubei after she was killed by Mitsunari Ishida he has what is called The Black Oni which is a demon that lives inside of Munenori he is barely human anymore due to the long use of his demon spirit he still remains fully human but posses inhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, intelligence, fighting skill and reflexes.
Special Effects: Secondary Chakra reserves, High pain threshold, Contortionist (able to bend body and twist his own bones where it would break or dislocate normally).

Height: 5’7

Weight: 167lbs

Team mates: none

Sensei: none

Org: Freedom ((People who have no Village and are free shinobi))


Birth Arc: 17 years ago Munenori was born along with his sister Jubei Yagyu she was a fine girl always happy and laughing but never too much of a thinker. When Munenori was born his town was attacked by what where called the Gennma a very low form of demon they resemble slight human features but have a hollow and flesh body they are mostly bones and rotted meat while Munenori was young and during the attack he was taken away by his mother and father who remain nameless to him at this time of age, they took him and his sister away from the town that was under siege by the Gennma.

2 years after the siege from the Gennma, Munenori had grown a little more and had been fused with The Black Oni as his sister Jubei Yagyu was found out to have the Oni Eye a bloodline ability that only she will ever have no other member of the Yagyu clan could get it now apart from cutting it from her right eye socket and replacing your right eye with hers a painful experience indeed but not one that was going to happen for Jubei would fight to the death over her eye since it’s her only significant thing she was given from her clan as for Munenori he was given the Black Oni spirit.

Childhood Arc: Munenori grew up rough and harsh with his sister taking care of her because she was always reckless and foolhardy letting things get the better of her she was a smart girl though passing exams and tests like a breeze she had a huge IQ but never used it much for she was a pure ditz blonde girl she never thought straight and never fought properly she would always run around like an idiot and play tricks in a dangerous situation but yet Munenori would always put her in place with a yell or a glare he was bigger and meaner than she was but he wouldn’t ever hurt her only scare her he loved her and always loved her as his little sister.

While growing up he found that Jubei was a little unstable she would always walk off on her own and come home very pale she would always talk random words that never made sense to anyone she had in fact been driven insane from having the Demon Eye in her body since her body was unfit to handle the power it held inside it she had been trying to open the eyes secrets and control them but she had in fact failed and had been driven insane.

Academy Arc: Jubei had lost her mind by now and Munenori was worried about her safety she wasn’t herself anymore she had been overrun by the Demon Eyes power she had become the eye itself a powerful tool for killing and Munenori didn’t want to see her being used like a tool he took her away after they went in the academy and passed it was a very long and grueling time as Academy Students but they both managed to make it through although people were amazed to see that Jubei was still human enough to get through an exam and the time needed to become a Genin.

Genin Arc: Munenori and his sister had become Genin finally but now the Eye had fully taken over Jubei she had become a killer she lost her sanity and started to kill other A.S and Genin, Munenori had to take her away from the city and he did so he took his sister away from the people. Munenori took Jubei far away from the people and kept her away from them keeping her....sane as he could.

A few years after this Munenori was 11 and Jubei was 10 a man was sent after Jubei he went by the name Mitsunari Ishida a man of great power and great evil he had a plan to steal Jubei’s Oni Eye and use it himself but Munenori wouldn’t allow it he stood up and drew his sword standing in front of Mitsunari, Munenori was thrown away from his sister who was in a coma and had been like this for some time now but all of a sudden there was a shine and a jingle from outside high up in a tree it was none other than the great Tenkai a mysterious monk who resides at the ruins of the temple on Mt. Hiei.
“Mitsunari leave these two alone you have no quarrel with them you have to deal with me......Mitsunari Ishida”
Tenkai was defending the two siblings but for an unknown reason, did he want the Oni Eye to himself as well or did he want to help them and be the hero of the day.

“Mitsunari leave this place at once”

Mitsunari was staring at Tenkai now with a glare on his face.

“Ahhh I should have expected the Great Tenkai to help these two little rats from their troubles”

Mitsunari was pure evil and was planning something very bad for the two siblings but Munenori wasn’t going to stand by and watch it happen he charged at Mitsunari again and was able to place his sword right in his back but Mitsunari had a large plan he started to bloat and he eventually exploded throwing all three of them out of the building onto the ground Mitsunari wasn’t dead he had exploded and run away like a coward but Jubei had suffered a fatal and deadly injury she wasn’t going to make it and she swore to Munenori to kill him for this she cut out her eye and took his in place of hers blood going all over Tenkai trying to heal Jubei but with no success she died shortly after the attack, Munenori had become furious and he picked up her body torn and broken digging a grave he buried her and got Tenkai to perform a safe ritual for her soul to travel free but he yet remembered that he had a soul stone and bound her to it giving it to Munenori to keep. Munenori kept this stone close to him at all times he grew up the rest of his life keeping it close to him never taking it off for any reason.

Chuunin Arc: His time as Chuunin was rather pitiful he hated it the loss of his sister drove him rather crazy slightly he still is himself but he posses the Oni Eye now giving him more power over the Gennma he had a rough time as a Chuunin it wasn’t fun as he thought it would be his missions where long, harder, boring and worse without his sister he really had no point in living without her she was almost everything to him his sister gone and his parents lost to the Gennma he had no point in living at all but Tenkai saw through him and gave him a chance to be a better ninja he gathered all his strength and fought harder he spend years as a Chuunin before making Jounin rank it was hard and rough but he pulled though for his sisters sake.

Jounin Arc: Munenori’s time as a Jounin was actually very, very short he went on every mission presented and came back from them all unharmed and ready to fight again he never thought that he would have to do so much within so little time he was able to actually gain another element from the Eyes power he was able to gain Fire element from the Oni Eye by unlocking its secret to powerful fire jutsu he let the power course though his body allowing for fire jutsu to be used his power growing stronger and stronger every day and every time he uses the Eye.

A few years after gaining the eye he started to go a little crazy but he always kept it under control. Munenori was a powerful ninja he was even able to unlock its secrets of the Fire element he gained the ability to use a third element even though it was normally only possible to have two in the body he gained a third he became a very rare and powerful ninja after his sister died he became a very strong willed person he started to fight harder and harder to find Mitsunari Ishida and take his revenge on him for the murder of his sister his search was long, hard and tough he earned the name the Yagyu Fox Demon for being the most demonic Yagyu member even though they are thought to be entirely dead he is living proof that they still live he is now still searching for Mitsunari to exact his revenge.

Anbu Jounin Arc: Munenori spent a lot of time as a Jounin for Kirigakure but he never really had much of a killing type of person he was always kind to people when it came to doing Anbu ranked missions he became a killer by instinct he wouldn’t let anyone that was evil stand in his way.

A few years after becoming a Anbu Jounin he met back up with the monk Tenkai he trained long and hard to be a better Anbu Jounin his time was rough, long, and hard he hated it but it was a necessary part in life to get to that rank the long days the hard jobs and the assassinations that needed to be done but he was only one to follow orders he wasn’t one to give them out he was always a good person romantic and kind. Munenori is now in search of Mitsunari Ishida to kill him and exact revenge for Jubei. Munenori spent years searching for Mitsunari Ishida and never found him he went in search for Soki The Oni Of The Ash known formally as Hideyasu Yuki. Munenori spent 3 years looking for Soki with his companion Tenkai it took them a long time to find Hideyasu but eventually they got him when he was burning off Mitsunari’s Cherry tree’s which were made from the people of many towns they are meant to be known as Gennma tree’s horrible things they were he was going to use them to summon the Gennma Insects to control everyone in the lands but the three had a plan to burn the trees before they got to Mitsunari they were successful in burning the trees off and making the area safe without anyone even knowing that they did so they saved the world without even being asked to and now Munenori resumes his life as a Anbu Jounin of Kirigakure and a proud member of the Yagyu clan he now looking for a lady to love and help carry on both family lines he isn’t looking for just love and that’s it Munenori is looking for a person he can love eternally and for ever.


Looks: <----- (Yagyu Battle gear) This is Munenori’s personal battle gear it is heavy Defense and is actually easy to move in even though it is fully fortified heavy unit Armor it offers best protection against Kunai, Senbon, Shuriken’s and blades his personal look is actually rarely ever seen he mostly walks around in his gear for protection.

The battle gear is a mixture of colours it is grey steel armoured and is blue with gold, orange, it has a blue, silver and gold helm it has horns on the top of it. The shoulders of the battle gear are heavily protected it guards his neck, shoulder and down to his elbows in pure Armor. At the wrists it has steel gauntlets with bladed pieces that are used in close combat when his sword is knocked away from him the gloves are top and side covered in steel at the palm is just normal hand flesh his front area looks to be venerable but is very mistaken underneath the clothing is a highly durable mesh suit placed over some padded Armor it is strapped by a orange waist belt. The thighs on the Armor are high dense steel on top of leather and mesh just like the torso his boots are silk and padded cloth the shoes are inlaid with small amounts of metal at the front of the foot to give a hardened kick to do more damage.

Casual Wears: normally Munenori is a hidden man he has black hair and wears a white shirt, black undershirt, white and black arm cloths, he has a crystal around his neck it is a very rare crystal indeed it is a soul of a lost family member that was known as Akane Yagyu or Jubei Yagyu the Demon eyed girl, Munenori has blue eyes and wears a brown pair of long pants plus both his hands are covered with black gloves. Munenori stands 5’8 and weighs about 69-74 kg he is a slightly bulky male but his sword as it is a broadsword he should not be able to swing it at the speed of a normal long sword it is found to be impossible for others to even lift it off the ground being one of the Yagyu clan, a clan of master sword wielders he is said to be unbeatable in close quarters or even extremely hard to match in mid range combat for being able to fire off pure chakra bullets.
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Munenori Yagyu
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