Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 Yumi Sonra -WIP-

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Yumi Sonra
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PostSubject: Yumi Sonra -WIP-   Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:09 am

Name: Yumi Sonra

Meaning: Beautiful Sun-Wing

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Rank: S-missing ninja

Village: Ex-Leaf ninja

Personality: Yumi acts cold and rude to almost everyone. She has a look that shows she would be ready to kill anyone, or anything.

Height: 5'6feet

Weight: 110lb

Team mates: Never given a team

Sensei: ANBU Captain; Forso

Organization. Secretly in Akatsuki

Bio/History: Yumi was born in the hidden leaf village; with her twin Minka Sonra. Both of them came from a clan thats best known for their inner beast/demons. Yumi had the beast of both Fire and Darkness combined. She had never went to the academy like her sister or other family members. She stayed home and was trained by her father. She learned how to use her demon; just like her sister Minka. Yumi was never placed on a team, for that the consul was scared she may do something; such as kill them. As such, she was given a ANBU captain as a senasei. For years she trained under him til a large fight happened in the leaf village. The Sonra's fled from the village; and became a large S-missing ranked clan. Yumi then joined Akatsuki since she's been sepruated from the others of her clan.


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Yumi Sonra -WIP-
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