Naruto: Hope is back

Years have passed since Sasuke has left the leaf village. From that time; new ninjas have been raising threw the ranks. These ninjas are what will bring the Uchiha back; and stop the Akatsuki.
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 Rules that you need to know

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Yumi Sonra
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PostSubject: Rules that you need to know   Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:25 pm

  • No foul mouthing off to people. You may not know it, but it might be hurting the person your talking with.

  • No having sex in made topics. I do not want this place getting deleted. So please do that stuff in pm(s)

  • Don't make fun of people; such as what they like, believe. That means religion, sexism, and so on.

  • If you want to make a new village. You Must pm me or another admin. They then will tell me, or I shall decide if it will pass and became a true hidden village.

  • If you are to be taking a tailed demon; thats fine. but know this. IF I see god-modding your demon WILL be take away and you shall be banned for at lest a few hours.

  • DO NOT annoy us admins to approve of your things. we have lives (expect the head admin).

  • Don't ask to me a mod or admin. We would let you know if we we're to make you one.

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Rules that you need to know
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